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Whale carcass washes up at Pololu Valley

A whale carcass washed up on the beach at Pololu Valley. The length from what remains of the head to the tail is approximately 45 feet. These photos were taken Friday (March 5). Photography by Cindi Baker | Special to Hawaii 24/7.

The whale carcass on the beach at Pololu Valley.

According to photographer Cindi Baker, of Hawi, the fluke section of the carcass has several shark bites on it.

2 Responses to “Whale carcass washes up at Pololu Valley”

  1. Tony of Bend says:

    Great pics- Wonder how long to decompose!

  2. yardguy00 says:

    As soon as I read this I jumped into the car and drove out to see it. It seems to have flipped over since yesterday and I think I was looking at a blowhole.. or perhaps, errrrm, a different hole.


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