Hawaii Emergency Management Agency fumbles again

.@GovHawaii @HawaiiTAG @BrianSchatz @MazieHirono @TulsiPress @RepHanabusa Why is @Hawaii_EMA embedding tsunami evacuation maps that don’t work instead of having copies on their site? And why did the shutdown affect the map? Hawaii County has PDF maps readily available online. pic.twitter.com/GMWXfjv8dD

— Hawaii 24/7 (@Hawaii247) January 23, 2018

What people saw when they went to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency website during the Tsunami Watch on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

By Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Hawaii residents were left in the dark once again by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency when they went looking for tsunami evacuation maps in preparation during a tsunami watch early Tuesday (Jan 23).

A severe earthquake near Alaska triggered a Tsunami Watch for the State of Hawaii. Hawaii County has tsunami evacuation maps on their website so those on Hawaii Island had access to information in preparation for the worst but anyone relying on Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (formery State Civil Defense) ended up seeing a notice about the federal government shutdown. The notice says, ‘Specific NOAA websites necessary to protect lives and property are operational and will be maintained.’ but that wasn’t the case for Hawaii residents preparing to protect their lives and property.

Hawaii deserves better than this as Hawaii Emergency Management Agency has fumbled twice in as many weeks. Once with the false missile attack warning and now this. Some hard questions and answers are needed to keep our citizens safe.

The HI-EMA Tsunami Evacuation Zones page can be found here: dod.hawaii.gov/hiema/public-re…

UPDATED (1/23/2018)

As of Tuesday morning (Jan 23) the HI-EMA Tsunami Evacuation Zone webpage has the embedded interactive map working again. The page has added links to the individual county Civil Defense/Emergency Management Agency websites so people can locate evacuation maps for their coastal areas in Hawaii.