Results of 6th annual Jackie Rey’s relay canoe race Saturday (Jan 20)


Jackie Rey’s Relay Canoe Race first place finisher, Kua Nolan on his V-1 Rudderless Canoe.

Kua completed the 12 mile course in 1:56:02 as an “Iron” paddler, meaning he chose not to

tag off a partner at Kailua Pier, but to paddle the entire distance solo. Photo by Susan Anderson

On Saturday (January 20) paddlers on the first relay leg started outside Keauhou Bay and completed their 6 mile leg at Kamakahonu Beach by Kailua Pier, then the second leg paddlers tagged off them at the beach and paddled the six mile return to the finish line inside Keauhou Bay.

There were 26 paddlers entered who decided to paddle “iron” without tagging a partner and raced the entire 12 miles solo.

Sponsored by Angela Rey and Paul Streiter for the past 6 years, the top finishers in each division were presented with awards and all participants were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by the marvelous chefs of Jackie Rey’s.

11:35:580:45:560:50:02KUA NOLAN1st V-1 Men Iron
21:36:040:46:010:50:03BRUCE AYAU & BILL MORRIS1st OC2 Men Iron
31:37:150:46:090:51:06M. & C. HANDLEY / T. NICOLAS & L. MENDONCA1st OC2 Men Relay
41:41:120:47:200:53:52IAN FOO1st Surfski Men Iron
51:41:390:49:090:52:30CHANCE AGPOON / JEREMY PADAYAO1st OC1 Men Relay
61:43:480:48:230:55:25JOSE LICARDI / TYLER MAKAIWI2nd OC1 Men Relay
71:44:060:49:220:54:44KAIEA CANN1st OC1 Men Iron
81:44:180:49:460:54:32KEKOA KAU2nd V-1 Men Iron
91:47:320:50:450:56:47THERON OGATA2nd OC1 Men Iron
101:48:120:50:430:57:29LLOYD GANOOT3rd OC1 Men Iron
111:48:220:54:200:54:02KOA SPOON3rd V-1 Men Iron
121:48:430:50:100:58:33KRISTOPHER KEOUGH4th V-1 Men Iron
131:49:140:53:410:55:33K. LEAHY/S. FERRY & G. KOJIMA/L. DUIM1st OC2 Mixed Relay
141:49:510:52:000:57:51DILLON PARENT4th OC1 Men Iron
151:49:590:51:080:58:51CHEVISE CONTE / TIANA IMAI1st OC2 Mixed Iron
161:50:110:54:210:55:50TREY GREEN / BRYSON LUTA3rd OC1 Men Relay
171:50:210:52:460:57:35L & T. PARKER-BAILEY/A. & D. OKITA2nd OC2 Mixed Relay
181:51:380:53:330:58:05T.R. IRELAND / KYLE KEANU4th OC1 Men Relay
191:52:170:50:451:01:32THERON OGATA / RANDY RING5th OC1 Men Relay
201:53:130:52:341:00:39JOSHUA ALLEN5th V-1 Men Iron
211:53:390:54:220:59:17KRISTIN OLD1st OC1 Women Iron
221:53:490:56:160:57:33T.& D.NEUBERT/M. COLLINS & FINK/COLLINS/CRAWFORD1st OC3 Mixed Relay
231:54:460:50:591:03:47SEAN KAAWA / JESSIE KAAWA1st V-1 Mixed Relay
241:54:530:54:301:00:23JIM ELLIOTT5th OC1 Men Iron
251:56:020:52:371:03:25JOHN HUSAK6th OC1 Men Iron
261:56:210:54:211:02:00DOUG COPELAND7th OC1 Men Iron
271:56:470:53:411:03:06K. LEAHY/S. FERRY/G. KOJIMA/L. DUIM & C. STRAWN/K. TOBIN3rd OC2 Mixed Relay
281:56:500:54:201:02:30DAVID BORGES8th OC1 Men Iron
291:56:530:54:171:02:36STEVEN McKELLAR/ ASHLEY MIKKOLA1st OC1 Mixed Relay
291:57:460:57:051:00:41RODRIGO ROMO / TROY PARKER BAILEY6th OC1 Men Relay
301:58:000:54:111:03:49JERICHO MIYAHARA-YOUNG / JEREMY CHIEN7th OC1 Men Relay
311:58:050:55:341:02:31JEFF MOLDER9th OC1 Men Iron
321:58:270:54:541:03:33CHARLES COPE10th OC1 Men Iron
331:58:390:54:431:03:56CHRIS PAULACHAK / KERRY LONG8th OC1 Men Relay
341:59:020:54:191:04:43SEAN KAAWA / PATTY EAMES2nd V-1 Mixed Relay
351:59:230:57:491:01:34RICH MILHAM / TERRY TRINIDAD9th OC1 Men Relay
362:00:010:54:181:05:43STEVEN McKELLAR11th OC1 Men Iron
372:00:160:56:401:03:36J. McDANIELS& Y.AGOOT/T. FONG & K. SCHNEIDER1st OC2 Women Relay
382:01:150:56:011:05:14KEKOA YOCKMAN12th OC1 Men Iron
392:03:491:00:491:03:00SUE O'SHAUGHNESSY / SHEILA CADAOAS1st OC1 Women Relay
402:03:590:57:441:06:15EVONNE AMANTIAD-WILLIAMS2nd OC1 Women Iron
412:04:510:57:111:07:40CHRISTINA WILLIAMS3rd OC1 Women Iron
422:06:190:58:231:07:56HARRIET PARSONS4th OC1 Women Iron
432:07:351:02:491:04:46DAVE YAMAGATA / VERONIQUE POLI2nd OC1 Mixed Relay
442:08:050:57:571:10:08TINA FLOWER / ELLIOTT PARSONS3rd OC1 Mixed Relay
452:08:061:03:021:05:04RONDA ROBERTSON / TIM ROBERTSON4th OC1 Mixed Relay
462:10:551:05:301:05:25VERN & JANET HEIKKILA/TONI & KIRBY MAURY4th OC2 Mixed Relay
472:11:091:00:511:10:18LINDA ROBB5th OC1 Women Iron
482:13:191:10:491:02:30KAREN MICKIEVIC / ALEC FIERMAN5th OC1 Mixed Relay
492:18:391:02:421:15:57KIERAN HAMPSTEAD13h OC1 Men Iron
502:19:591:05:401:14:19SARAH GRAVES / AMY COOK2nd OC1 Women Relay
512:21:181:07:151:14:03LONNY HIGGINS / MEL PAUOLE3rd V-1 Mixed Relay