Hawaii County Planning Department named Blue Zones worksite


The County of Hawaii Planning Department took the principles of healthy best practices to heart, earning recognition as the first County Department in the State of Hawaii to receive the Blue Zones Approved™ worksite designation.

The Blue Zones concept of healthy living, aimed at a longer, healthier life, was pioneered by a book of the same name by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, who explored areas where people routinely live to age 100 or older. Among the longevity-favored locales is Okinawa, Japan, from whence many Big Islanders descend.

The Planning Department navigated a long list of criteria and tasks in order to clinch the designation on July 11.

According to Jana Ortiz-Misiaszek, Organizational Lead with Blue Zones Project® – East Hawai’i, the Planning Department achieved Blue Zones Project recognition by adopting the following best practices that promote well-being:

Planning staff recently showcased their Blue Zones inspired healthy cuisine with rave reviews at a recent meeting of the Mayor’s Cabinet. The rest of the County Departments were encouraged to take Planning’s example by seeking Blue Zones Approved worksite status.

To learn more about becoming a Blue Zones Project Approved worksite, contact the Blue Zones Project team in East Hawaii at BlueZonesProjectEastHawaii@hea…, or visit hawaii.bluezonesproject.com