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Civil Defense siren test postponed to Friday (March 3)

Hawaii County Civil Defense audio message regarding the postponement of the siren test

A Civil Defense siren in Puako. Hawaii 24/7 file photo

A Civil Defense siren in Puako. Hawaii 24/7 file photo

The state’s monthly test of the statewide outdoor warning siren system, set for 11:45 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017 has been postponed. The state and counties jointly agree it would be best to reschedule the testing so as to avoid public confusion. Current severe weather conditions may cause area residents to mistake the testing of the siren for an actual emergency alert. The March 1, 2017 test is rescheduled for Friday, March 3, 2017 at 11:45 am.

The siren test is a steady one minute tone on all sirens. The warning sirens are used to alert the public to any emergency that may pose a threat to life or property. The sound of the sirens is a cue for residents to turn on a radio or television for information and instruction for an impending emergency. Besides natural hazards, the Emergency Alert System could be used for terrorist incidents or acts of war.

Currently areas around the state are experiencing a Flash FloodWatch or a Flash Flood Warning. There is a clear distinction:

Flash Flood Watch means a flash flood is possible in the area, because conditions are more favorable than usual for its occurrence. A watch is a recommendation for planning, preparation, and increased awareness.

Flash Flood Warning means a flash flood is imminent or occurring; take immediate action to protect life and property.

Below is the contact information for the four island counties’ emergency management departments:

Hawaii (808) 935-0031
Maui (808) 270-7285
Honolulu (808) 723-8960
Kauai (808) 241-1800

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