HIBT Day 1: Kona Game Fishing Club – Kusatsu tops leader board

Makoto Yaegashi, Kona Game Fishing Club­ – Kusatsu weighs in largest fish of the day and gets a photo with Cheri Lavoie, Miss Billfish 2015. (Photo courtesy of HIBT)


Thirty-one teams from around the globe were on the starting line as Day One of the 56th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) officially got underway in Kona.

With the legendary “Start Fishing, Start Fishing, Start Fishing” seven teams from Japan, six teams from Australia, three teams from New Zealand, two each from Africa and China joined teams from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu plus nine U.S. teams (including two from Hawaii) to begin a five-day fishing marathon in Kona’s famous waters.

HIBT founder Peter Fithian said, “Thirty-six fish added points to team totals making this the best first day of Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament fishing in over a decade.”

2015 HIBT Day One Results

Kona Game Fishing Club – Kusatsu 964

Laguna Niguel Billfish Club – Team 3 800

Nanhai Lang Tao Club 700

Mermaids Anglers Club – Team Kalaoa 600

Kona Game Fishing Club – Olympian Dream 550

Queensland Game Fishing Association 550

Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club 550


Ihi Nui 964

Topshape 800

Kona Seafari 700

Northern Lights II 700

Hooked Up 550

Bite Me 6 550

Bite Me 3 550

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