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Missing inmate Kaimiloa arrested and returned to HCCC


Coburn Kaimiola Jr.

Coburn Kaimiola Jr.

Missing Big Island extended furlough inmate Coburn Kaimiola Jr. has been returned to HCCC.

Coburn Kaimiola was arrested on a warrant by Hawaii Police on November 21. He was returned to HCCC yesterday.

On July 11, 2013, Coburn Kaimiola left a Kona extended furlough house without authorization.

Inmates in the extended furlough program live and work outside of the facility but must check in at various times each week.

Coburn was serving time for Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle, Promoting a Dangerous Drug, and Prohibited Acts Related to Drug Paraphernalia. Escape 2 is expected to be added to his charges.

His next parole hearing is scheduled for December.

2 Responses to “Missing inmate Kaimiloa arrested and returned to HCCC”

  1. colette acia says:

    This community has no support for inmates that are returning to society that is why inmates feel pressured to return back to old ways they don’t need more stress they need help at least Honolulu has a lot of supportive programs for inmates like cash box tj mahoneys.ext. we need to help these people whether we know it or not it could be our sons and daughters getting out of jail or even outselves so have a little heart people who own there own business should give these inmates a job they did there time now let’s be role models to these heople in need not snob and shrub them off they are one of us no matter how you look at it….

  2. colettea says:

    WHy do we expect changes out of these inmates when we the community have nothing to help then reintegrate back into society. I see them struggle cause I too have BEEN a former inmate of 6 years.I was fortunate to be able to utilize my resources in Oahu that kept me from returning back to the cell.Big island sends the inmates out with the idea everyone of these inmates has family any friends but its not always the case then the state wants money from them even when they are broke and struggling. At lease they provide them with food in which they take their welfare benefits from them.if they are even hired they are fortunate to get a job cause everyone does background checks and even if they did the time people use that against then so they loose self esteem as well as self worth.we need to be more open to helping our brothers and sisters I’ve experienced bosses that took advantage of us inmates knowing we needed the job they gave us less pay more hours then took away the hours and medical yet made us work overtime for cash and that is illegal but as a inmate you are cornered you need the job and you can’t go back to your old ways what do you do quiting is not even an option if you want to go that is the beginning of the end instead of helping them the community is hurting them we need to help not hurt……


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