Election 2014: Ige is Hawaii’s next governor

Voters at Hilo High School Cafeteria Tuesday (Nov 4) to cast their ballots in the General Election. Things appeared to be going smoothly in the early morning opening hour. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Hawaii 24/7 Staff

Returns are in and David Ige will be Hawaii’s next Governor. The Democrat swept aside Republican challenger and former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona.

Contest TitleCandidate NameTotal Votes
U.S. Senator Vacancy(D) SCHATZ, Brian246,770
U.S. Senator Vacancy(R) CAVASSO, Cam97,983
U.S. Senator Vacancy(L) KOKOSKI, Michael8,936
U.S. Representative, Dist II(D) GABBARD, Tulsi141,996
U.S. Representative, Dist II(R) CROWLEY, Kawika33,624
U.S. Representative, Dist II(L) KENT, Joe4,692
Governor and Lieutenant Governor(D) IGE / TSUTSUI181,065
Governor and Lieutenant Governor(R) AIONA / AHU135,742
Governor and Lieutenant Governor(I) HANNEMANN / CHANG42,925
Governor and Lieutenant Governor(L) DAVIS / MARLIN6,393
State Senator, Dist 1(D) KAHELE, Gilbert11,638
State Senator, Dist 1(L) ARIANOFF, Gregory (Kobata)1,850
State Senator, Dist 3(D) GREEN, Josh8,896
State Senator, Dist 3(L) LAST, Michael L.1,891
State Senator, Dist 4(D) INOUYE, Lorraine Rodero8,882
State Senator, Dist 4(L) SCHILLER, Alain2,536
State Representative, Dist 1(D) NAKASHIMA, Mark M.6,314
State Representative, Dist 1(L) WEINERT, Eric Drake1,452
State Representative, Dist 3(D) ONISHI, Richard H.K.5,075
State Representative, Dist 3(R) DICKSON, Bill997
State Representative, Dist 3(L) FOGEL, Fred F.811
State Representative, Dist 4(D) SANBUENAVENTURA, Joy A.4,337
State Representative, Dist 4(R) THOMAS, Gary1,719
State Representative, Dist 5(D) CREAGAN, Richard P.3,712
State Representative, Dist 5(R) BATEMAN, Dave2,389
State Representative, Dist 5(L) LALANNE, Jon A.253
State Representative, Dist 6(D) LOWEN, Nicole3,823
State Representative, Dist 6(R) VALENZUELA, Kelly2,334
At-Large TrusteeWAIHEE, John D.138,452
At-Large TrusteeAKANA, Rowena M.N.123,860
At-Large TrusteeAHU ISA, Lei (Leina'ala)113,181
At-Large TrusteeTRASK, Mililani B.102,619
At-Large TrusteeAKINA, Keli'i92,247
At-Large TrusteeMcINERNY, Harvey74,950
Maui Resident TrusteeLINDSEY, Carmen Hulu127,264
Maui Resident TrusteeWENDT, Mahealani87,223
Councilmember, Dist 5PALEKA, Daniel K., Jr.2,319
Councilmember, Dist 5EDWARDS HUNT, Tiffany2,045
Councilmember, Dist 9WILLE, Margaret3,192
Councilmember, Dist 9GONZALES, Ronald S.2,171
CON AMEND: Relating to Disclosure of Judicial NomineesYES302,953
CON AMEND: Relating to Disclosure of Judicial NomineesNO41,308
CON AMEND: Relating to Agricultural EnterprisesYES185,531
CON AMEND: Relating to Agricultural EnterprisesNO152,222
CON AMEND: Relating to State Justices and JudgesYES81,406
CON AMEND: Relating to State Justices and JudgesNO268,958
CON AMEND: Relating to Early Childhood EducationYES160,238
CON AMEND: Relating to Early Childhood EducationNO192,247
CON AMEND: Relating to Dams and ReservoirsYES234,016
CON AMEND: Relating to Dams and ReservoirsNO106,377
HAWAI'I: Term of Appointment for the County ClerkYES34,973
HAWAI'I: Term of Appointment for the County ClerkNO11,148

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