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Results of the HIPA OC1/OC2/SUP race in Keauhou Saturday (March 15)


Results of the HIPA (Hawaii Island Paddlesports Association) OC1/OC2/Standup Paddleboard race that took place Saturday (March 15) at Keauhou Bay.

Named in honor of Keauhou Canoe Club paddler, the late Eda Hinchcliff, the Kuuipo race has been running for 16 consecutive years. Sponsored by Kamehameha Schools, this year’s race is one of the Kauikeaouli Festival weekend events.

LONG COURSE RESULTS 10 MILES from Honokohau Harbor to Keauhou Bay    
11:11:32Ivan McIvor & Ian Foo1 Rudderless1st 2-man Surfski Men Open
21:20:57Kua Nolan1 Surfski1st Rudderless V1 Men Open
31:22:55Kainoa Tanoai2 Surfski2nd Rudderless V1 Men Open
41:25:48George Abood1 19-391st Surfski Men Open
51:28:02Angela Rey & Paul Streiter1 50-591st OC2 Mixed 21-49
61:28:21Theron Ogata2 Rudderless1st OC1 Men 40-49
71:30:27Annalee Akagi & Steve Arnett2 19-392nd OC2 Mixed 21-49
81:30.58.1Koa Spoon3 19-393rd Rudderless V1 Men Open
91:30.58.5Chevise Conte1 40-494th Rudderless V1 Men Open
101:31:05Nathan Grochalski4 19-391st OC1 Men 19-39
111:32:47Spencer Lavea1 OC 2 Mix -501st OC1 Men 50-59
121:34:25Scott Ferry2 50-592nd OC1 Men 50-59
131:35:20Robert Olson1 OC2 M 50+2nd OC1 Men 19-39
141:35:45Lin Cox3 50-593rd OC1 Men 50-59
151:35:56Alisa Prendergast2 OC2 Mix -501st OC1 Women 40-49
161:38:04Toby Wilkinson2 40-492nd OC1 Men 40-49
171:38:22Leilani Shackelford5 19-391st OC1 Women 19-39
181:43:30Sheila Cadaoas2 OC2 M 50+1st OC1 Women 50-59
191:46:48Christina Williams1 F 19-392nd OC1 Women 40-49
RECREATIONAL/SUP COURSE RESULTS 3 MILES from Keauhou Bay to Kahaluu & Return
10:37:13Nancy Collins & Lawrence Goff1st OC2 Recreational Mixed 60+
20:39:40Jeff Okuna1st Men Standup
30:43:57David Jones Locker2nd Men Standup
40:47:25Susan Bland1st Women Standup
SHORT COURSE RESULTS 6.5 MILES from Keauhou Bay to Lyman's Bay & Return
10:59:46Karen Crawford& Terry & Diane Neubert1 OC2 Mix 50+1st OC3 Mixed
21:01:30Kerry Long1 OC2 M 50+1st OC1 Men 50-59
31:02:01David Monson & Brian Scully2 OC2 Mix 50+1st OC2 Men 50+
41:02:01Terri Fong / Leslie Woods1 Novice1st OC2 Women 50+
51:03:16Mark Aiona2 Novice2nd OC1 Men 50-59
61:03:56Clint Williams1 60+1st OC1 Men 60+
71:04:04Janet & Vern Heikkila2 60+1st OC2 Mixed 50+
81:04:08Danielle Benke & Lorrin Ching3 OC2 Mix -501st OC2 Mixed 21-49
91:05:48Pete Greenwell & Tom Mackay1 Cruiser F2nd OC2 Men 50+
101:09:30Kainoa Lavea1 50-591st OC1 Women 50-59
111:11:00Creighton Handley3 60+2nd OC1 Men 60+
121:11:57Kaeti Ecker1 OC2 Jr/Adult1st OC1 Women 60+
131:13:37Carolyn Strawn3 OC2 Mix 50+2nd OC1 Women 60+
141:19:56Karen Mackivic2 50-593rd OC1 Women 60+

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