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Wish you were hungry? Big Island tuna steak

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

(Photo courtesy of Jackie Grenier)

Hawaii 24/7 reader Jackie Grenier sent in this photo of a tuna steak in the shape of the Big Island.

“I posted this attached pic on my Facebook because I thought it was pretty hilarious. A bunch of my friends immediately asked if I kept the steak because it could go on Hawaii 24/7,” she wrote. “Of course I didn’t keep it, I was hungry!”

However, Grenier delayed picking up her knife and fork long enough to make sure she had a record of the map-like meal.

“We needed to compare it to an actual picture of the Big Island and that’s where my friend, Maria Harveys’ tattoo comes into play,” she wrote. “It was pretty spot on!”

Although it might not be as miraculous a Jesus’ face on a piece of toast, Grenier said she just wanted to share the photo.

Wonder if she shared the steak?

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