‘Cash for Clunkers’ program out of money


Calls for Additional Funding to Keep CARS Program Rolling

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) today made the following statement regarding the overwhelming success of ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ known as the CARS program, which mirrored her Drive America Forward Act introduced this year.

“It is amazing that ‘Cash for Clunkers’ would be this successful this quickly. Many people talk of the need for a short-term stimulus for the economy. Well, we have found it in the CARS program. With over 200,000 cars sold, thousands of employees on the job serving customers, millions of dollars in advertisement spending, and sales tax income flowing into struggling states, CARS has injected money into communities across America. From Maine to California, from Michigan to Texas the impact is dynamic. It took a lot of hard work to get the votes to pass this program into law, so I am grateful that consumers love it. I am delighted to hear dealers say that all of their salespeople are busy and they are selling more cars in a day than they had been selling in a month. That is terrific news and I hope the sales continue even though the initial funding for the CARS program has been suspended.

“This program has helped bring people back to showrooms to see what incredible cars and trucks we make in this country. I urge Congress and the Administration to provide additional funding so that ‘Cash for Clunkers’ may continue under its original authorization until November.

Visit www.cars.gov the only official website for this program.

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