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Water conservation urged in South Hilo, Hakalau, Wailea


Due to continuing dry weather conditions, the Department of Water Supply is urging consumers in the Upper Kaieie area in Papaikou along and immediately surrounding Kaieie Road, and from Homestead Road to Upper Kaieie in South Hilo, to conserve water.

Also, due to repairs of the Hakalau Iki Spring Source, the Department of Water Supply urges consumers in the entire Hakalau and Wailea areas of South Hilo to conserve water while the repairs are being made.  

Agricultural users should irrigate from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., which will reduce water loss due to evaporation and minimize water system drain during peak demand.

This Water Conservation Notice calls for a voluntary action to reduce water usage by 10 percent in the affected areas.

For customers in the area of the Water Conservation Notice, here’s a list of ways to reach the 10 percent reduction goal:

* Wash full loads of laundry only.

* Wash full loads of dishes only.

* Serve drinking water only when requested.

* Do not let the faucet run unnecessarily.

* When bathing, use water only to wet and rinse off.

* Do not fill up the bathtub.

* Use a glass to rinse when brushing your teeth.

* Do not flush toilets unnecessarily.

* Stop lawn sprinkling.

* Stop car and boat washing.

* Stop dust control watering.

* Use drinking water wisely. 

For further information, call Clyde Young of the Department of Water Supply at 961-8790.

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