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Book shares Hilo history using rare, vintage images


The newest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series is Hilo from local author K.M. Valentine.

The book boasts more than 200 vintage images and memories from the second largest city in Hawaii.

This pictorial history chronicles the history of Hilo and how it became the seat of government for the Big Island of Hawaii.

Stunning, vintage images depict giant trees that shade its avenues and a string of picturesque beach parks lining the crescent-shaped shoreline of Hilo Bay.

Author Valentine shares the story of King Kamehameha the Great, who launched his fleet of war canoes to conquer the Hawaiian Islands at Hilo Bay.

Later images show Hilo Bay as a busy trading center, where whaling ships and schooners dropped their cargoes of sailors, missionaries and sundry goods.

Modern images show how the bay is still active with modern seafaring vessels, enjoying the protected waters inside a famous stone breakwater.

Readers will learn the many stories that Hilo holds about ancient gods, kings and queens, the missionaries who came to challenge both, immigrants who came to work the sugar cane fields, and numerous destructive tsunamis that Mother Nature sent to challenge them.

The people and places of the city are highlighted in the book as well, showing century-old buildings that remain, as well as the descendants of merchants that prospered here.

Hilo depicts the charming city with a timeless style and resilient population, ever-vigilant against the potential of another destructive wave.

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One Response to “Book shares Hilo history using rare, vintage images”

  1. Andrew says:

    It is a pity the author did not quadruple the length of this book, 128 pages is limited in scope for a subject that could have been expanded on. Nice photograph of Joseph Nawahi’s Hilo hale included, this book should sell well.


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