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Election 2010: Naeole, Enriques out; state lawmakers re-elected

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

Brittany Smart

Brittany Smart

Big Island voters tossed out the two County Council incumbents, but sent a host of lawmakers back to the state Legislature.

Emily Naeole of Puna and Guy Enriques of Ka‘u were upset by political newcomers in the two council races that were not settled in the primary election.

In Puna, Fred Blas ousted Naeole, 59.25 percent to 40.75 percent. Actual numbers: 3,611 to 2,484.

That race also included 159 blank votes and 7 over votes.

In Ka‘u, Brittany Smart upset Guy Enriques, 61.29 percent to 38.71 percent. Actual numbers: 3,572 to 2,256.

Blank votes numbered 162, with one over vote.

Fred Blas

Fred Blas

Naeole is finishing her second two-year term; Enriques was in his first term.

It remains to be seen how the power might shift on the council, as Naeole and Enriques frequently voted with the East Hawaii councilors, making up a five-vote majority.

Once the new council is sworn in next month, the line up will be: Brittany Smart, Fred Blas, Dennis “Fresh” Onishi, J Yoshimoto, Donald Ikeda, Dominic Yagong, Pete Hoffmann, Angel Pilago and Brenda Ford.

Meanwhile, there were no upsets in the state Legislature or U.S. Congress, with incumbents ruling the day and both state Constitutional amendments passing.

State Senate

* State Senator, Dist 2
(D) KOKUBUN, Russell S. 13,151 75.40%
(R) HALE, Michael W. 4,290 24.60%

State House

* State Representative, Dist 1
(D) NAKASHIMA, Mark M. 5,008 77.08%
(R) D’ALMEIDA, Eric Paul 1,489 22.92%

* State Representative, Dist 2
(D) CHANG, Jerry Leslie 5,010 77.24%
(R) VANNATTA, Sharon (DeMello) 1,476 22.76%

* State Representative, Dist 3
(D) TSUJI, Clifton K. (Clift) 6,827 83.73%
(R) CORTEZ-CAMERO, Tania Kehau 1,327 16.27%

* State Representative, Dist 4
(D) HANOHANO, Faye P. 4,355 57.11%
(R) HAPAI, Marlene (Nachbar) 3,270 42.89%

* State Representative, Dist 5
(D) HERKES, Robert (Bob) 5,094 75.51%
(L) FOGEL, Fred 1,652 24.49%

* State Representative, Dist 6
(D) COFFMAN, Denny 3,487 52.18%
(R) LEAU, Rebecca N. (Becky) 3,195 47.82%

* State Representative, Dist 7
(D) EVANS, Cindy 4,239 60.51%
(R) HENDERSON, Scott W. (Hendo) 2,767 39.49%

U.S. Senate

* U.S. Senator

(D) INOUYE, Daniel K. 258,181 74.74%
(R) CAVASSO, Cam 74,532 21.58%
(G) BREWER, Jim 7,332 2.12%
(L) MALLAN, Lloyd Jeffrey 2,826 0.82%
(N) JARRETT, Jeff 2,558 0.74%

U.S. House

* US Representative, Dist 2
(D) HIRONO, Mazie 127,864 72.30%
(R) WILLOUGHBY, John W. 44,547 25.19%
(L) BROCK, Pat 3,164 1.79%
(N) VON SONN, Andrew Vsevolod 1,284 0.73%

State Constitutional Amendments

* CON AMEND: For an appointed School Board
YES 205,132 57.13%
NO 137,373 38.26%
BLANK/SPOILED 16,588 4.62%

* CON AMEND: Relating to the Tax Rebate Requirement
YES 212,794 59.26%
NO 113,877 31.71%
BLANK/SPOILED 32,422 9.03%

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

* At Large Trustee
AKANA, Rowena M. N. 138,677 22.85%
WAIHEE, John IV 119,926 19.76%
STENDER, Oswald (Oz) 98,335 16.20%
KALIMA, Leona Mapuana 64,247 10.59%
MAKEKAU, Kealii J. 48,335 7.96%
MEYERS, William (Willy) 43,572 7.18%
HOPKINS, Kama 39,728 6.55%
LEWIS, Joseph Kuhio 36,773 6.06%
ODEGAARD, Michael Malulani 17,315 2.85%

Total voter turn out was 55.7 percent, or 385,034 of the 690,748 registered voters in Hawaii.

For complete election results, visit:…

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  1. Gary says:

    Finally the Big Island is done with her…’bout time!


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