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Family Forest Project takes on national politics

Special to Hawaii 24/7

The Family Forest Project has just discovered California gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman is related to former Alaska Governor and possible 2012 Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. They are 8th cousins once removed through common ancestors Rev. Joseph and Elizabeth (Bulkeley) Emerson, who are also ancestors of Hollywood super star Matt Damon.

The Family Forest also shows that in the overall results of a number of relationship comparisons, Whitman narrowly wins over Palin.

By a very narrow margin, Palin does win against Whitman in their relationship to AC/360 host Anderson Cooper. Palin is an 8th cousin once removed of Cooper while Whitman is a 9th cousin of Cooper.

There is a similar win for Palin in the two politicians’ relationships to President Obama. Palin is a 10th cousin of the President, while Whitman is an 11th cousin of the President.

Palin also wins against Whitman in their relationship to New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., 9th cousin vs. 9th cousin three times removed.

In their relationships to five other business moguls, Palin wins two of the five, one is a tie, while Whitman wins the other two.

Palin is a 9th cousin three times removed of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates while Whitman is a 10th cousin twice removed, and Palin is a 16th cousin three times removed of founder Jeff Bezos while Whitman is a 17th cousin four times removed.

AOL founder Steve Case is the tie at 9th cousin twice removed.

Whitman is a bit closer to Warren Buffett at 9th cousin once removed, while Palin is a 9th cousin twice removed to the Sage of Omaha. Whitman is quite a bit closer to Walt Disney at 7th cousin twice removed, while Palin is a 9th cousin twice removed to the founder of the Disney kingdom.

There are a number of Hollywood ties, including TCM co-host Alec Baldwin (8th cousin once removed), Seabiscuit racing announcer William H. Macy (9th cousin once removed), Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges (10th cousin once removed), rising star Amy Adams (10th cousin once removed), and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (18th cousin).

Palin beat Whitman in their relationships to Hollywood icon Katharine Hepburn (7th cousin twice removed vs. 8th cousin once removed), Hereafter star Matt Damon (7th cousin once removed vs. 9th cousin) and Hereafter director Clint Eastwood (10th cousin vs. 10th cousin once removed), distant cousin Brad Pitt (16th cousin once removed vs. 17th cousin), and very very distant cousin Keanu Reeves (47th cousin five times removed vs. 47th cousin six times removed).

Whitman wins most dramatically over Palin in many other relationships in the Hollywood arena.

These are Lucille Ball (7th cousin vs. 9th cousin once removed), Humphrey Bogart (8th cousin once removed vs. 9th cousin twice removed), Oscar-winner Jodie Foster (9th cousin vs. 9th cousin once removed), President John Adams portrayer Paul Giamatti (9th cousin vs. 10th cousin), Josh Brolin (9th cousin once removed vs. 11th cousin once removed), Brooke Shields (9th cousin once removed vs. 10th cousin once removed), Sarah Jessica Parker (9th cousin three times removed vs. 18th cousin three times removed), 24 star Keifer Sutherland (10th cousin vs. 19th cousin once removed), Oscar-winner Meryl Streep (10th cousin vs. 10th cousin once removed), Laura Linney (11th cousin three times removed vs. 14th cousin once removed), Hannah Montana star Hilary Duff (11th cousin twice removed vs. 14th cousin), and Reese Witherspoon (19th cousin three times removed vs. 20th cousin three times removed), Jack Nicholson (17th cousin twice removed vs. 18th cousin four times removed), and Oscar-winner Tom Hanks (19th cousin vs. 20th cousin).

Whitman scores 1-1 with Palin against two CBS news anchors, Walter Cronkite (11th cousin once removed vs. 9th cousin once removed) and Katie Couric (11th cousin twice removed vs. 14th cousin).

The two politicians’ relationships also tied against Prince William and Prince Harry at 9th cousin once removed.

Whitman beat Palin again against Mark Twain (6th cousin three times removed vs. 10th cousin four times removed) and Julia Child (7th cousin once removed vs. 8th cousin twice removed).

All of these results were computer-generated Oct. 19 from the vast network of generation-by-generation family ties assembled in the Family Forest.

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